This Restaurant Tycoon Made An Amazing Find In The Jungle


The jungle is home to a vast amount of animals and plants. There are thousands of species throughout the various jungles of the world. In addition to this, there is no telling just what you might find in the jungle. A man by the name of David Tallichet knows this all too well. He is a restaurant tycoon, but before making a fortune in his industry, he had a much different passion. This passion of his would lead him to the jungle, where he would make a huge discovery that blows everything else he has accomplished completely out of the water.


#12 Meet David Tallichet


Tallichet is an American businessman and restaurant tycoon. In fact, he is seen by many as the father of the themed restaurant, so thank him next time you stop in at Chili’s. He started a Polynesian-themed restaurant in California which soon grew into an enormous and lucrative empire.