Photographic Journey of how 4 Sisters Aged in 40 Years

How would you like to be photographed every year of your life for 40 years? This is what happened to the Brown Sisters. What started out as a casual photo op out of boredom ended up to be one photographer’s project that spanned almost his whole career. So the photographic journey called, The Brown Sisters was born. The idea behind this came from photographer Nicholas Nixon whose wife is one of the four sisters. He decided on how these sisters would be ordered as two wanted to be in the middle most of the time. So from left to right it was Heather, Mimi, BeBe (Nixon’s wife), and Laurie. Take a peek at the Photographic Journey of how 4 Sisters Aged in 40 Years.

1. 1975

The first official portrait of the series as Nixon discarded the very first one in 1974. The Brown Sisters at New Canaan, Connecticut. From left to right: Heather (23-years-old), Mimi (15-years-old), BeBe (25-years-old), and Laurie (21-years-old). Four fresh-faced young women staring defiantly at the camera.