Mesmerizing Photos of Redheads Doing What They Do Best: Being Beautiful


What is it about redheads that some of us – the sane ones anyway – find simply irresistible? Is it really just the hair color, or is there something else, some ineffable quality that we can’t pin down?

Maybe it’s the contrast between fair skin and rich hair color. Maybe it’s the rarity; red hair occurs in only 2% of earth’s population. Maybe it’s the glimpse of a seemingly unnatural color that stands so far apart from other hair tones. We think that it’s probably a combination of all these things, because there are as many reasons for attraction as there are redheads in the world.

As a testament to this fact, we’ve gathered a selection of some of the most beautiful redheads on the planet. Read on..

24. Movie Gaze


So here we begin with an image that seems straight out of a movie. The lush green grass surrounding this pale beauty and her deep red hair adds a perfect colorful contrast, similar to the way red hair plays against the usually paler skin of those who own it.

23. Untamed Frame


Well we began with one woman on her back, so why not add a second? This woman’s gorgeous face is surrounded by a sea of light red in a spectrum of shades. Her simple dark dress lets her eyes have all the focus, mesmerizing as they are.

22. Forest Nymph



So this may be some sort of wood nymph. We just realized that there’s something undeniably attractive about redheads in a woodsy setting. Despite the unnatural brightness of her locks, we think she looks perfectly at place in this natural environment.

21. Wildly Unnatural


Not every redhead is natural, and that’s a very okay thing. In fact, we love seeing redheads so much, we encourage anyone with the guts to try the color on their own heads! Sometimes, going for a wildly unnatural look can work wonders.

20. Strawberry Bliss



Speaking of unnatural colors, we love the bold neon red of this woman’s hair. Did you know that the genetic combination of red hair and blue eyes is the rarest of all?

19. Mysterious Hair


Let’s continue the violently colorful redhead trend with another beguiling beauty. This reminds us: slightly covering the face with hair is eternally attractive, and we demand to know why. Maybe it’s the mystery, or maybe it’s too many bad 80s teen movies.

18. Redhead Teddy


Okay, we’re really on a hot streak right now with the intense unnatural redheads, and we love it. Also, we just remembered the root of this appeal: watching The Fifth Element as a young teen. Life changing stuff!

17. Hair Explosion


So remember how we loved the girl with a sea of red shimmering around her head? Yep. This is happening. Is she jumping on a trampoline? Is a tornado touching down nearby? We may never know, but we do know how hot the look is!

16. Orange In Winter


So here’s a completely fresh shade of unnatural red that we can’t take our eyes off. Also, the attraction is likely stemming from The Fifth Element, again. We really can’t stress that movie enough. Here, the bright nearly-orange locks burst in color against a faded winter backdrop.

15. On Fleek


Speaking of bright, nearly-orange colors, here’s a soft hued beauty with just the right amount of mystery (or mischief) in her eyes. The interesting thing here is that the color appears natural – witness the perfectly matching eyebrows, on fleek.

14. Freckle Love


Ahh, freckles, a redhead’s best friend or bane of their existence? We happen to fancy them. There’s nothing hotter than a light dusting of freckles across the nose or shoulders, and when it’s paired with beautiful red hair, they can be everywhere for all we care.

13. Beach Beauty


While many of the women on this list seem a bit, how shall we put it, indoorsy, this beach babe is looking hot in the sunshine with a flannel style bikini. Light green eyes and perfect teeth only serve to highlight how gorgeous her hair looks in the bright sun.

12. Space is the Place


We’re not sure what it is about her, but we could see her becoming a companion on Doctor Who. She’s got a sense of mischievous adventure about her, hinted at by the up-do of her multi-shaded red hair.

11. Radiant Orange


Well would you look at that? We found another gorgeous redhead laying in the grass, looking up at the sky. Her carrot-orange hair practically glows, framing light skin and green eyes with a warm passion.

10. That Dress


This pale skinned beauty sports some thick naturally red hair with a small spectrum of shades, cascading down her shoulders and over the floral green dress. This reminds us: the combination of red hair and green clothing is probably magical, somehow.

9. Dark Beauty


Darker redheads deserve all the love, too. This stunning natural beauty has a million dollar smile, subtle as it is, and her dusting of freckles matches her brown eyes perfectly.

8. Come Hither?



Uh oh, is it bedtime already? We hope so! This alluring lady’s bright and bold hair seems almost as inviting as her come-hither facial expression. She knows how good she looks, and that kind of confidence is more attractive than anything.

7. Confidence



Speaking of confidence, this bare beauty needed no clothing to bolster her own. The simply but dramatically accented eyelashes are the only accessories; nothing else is needed when you’ve got thick, gorgeous hair like this.

6. Bright and Beautiful


Did another unnaturally red beauty sneak onto this list? We think so! That, or the lighting is just highlighting the tone of this hair to perfect effect. We love it!

5. Perfect Freckles

tumblr_mluasqrEqn1rnqt9wo1_1280Ahh, once again we take a close look at someone with that perfect sprinkling of freckles across her entire face. Beneath any other shade of hair, it might seem like it’s all too much. Paired with gorgeous naturally red locks? Perfection achieved.

4. No Heels Needed



We all know what high heels were designed for: it makes a set of legs look extra sensual, perking the muscles up and giving a sexy posture to the wearer. This woman achieved that look with a simple pair of cowboy boots, and her beauty is compounded by the massive plume of red hair cascading down her shoulders.

3. Long & Straight


What is happening here? This is elegance, beauty, and a certain… something. Redheads may often be known for having thick, frizzy hair, but this gorgeous woman has tamed hers to go along with the subtly alluring black dress. What a pose!

2. Tattooed Goddess

We love a tattooed beauty as much as anyone, especially when they’re as cohesive and beautiful as the ink on this flame haired lass. The natural hair color and beguiling smile make the whole look sing.

1. Irresistible



So here’s number one. Of course, taste is subjective and yours might be different, but we couldn’t fathom anything more beautiful than this woman’s face, right now. The freckles dappling her face, the swoop of her hair, it’s like she was actually trying to be the perfect representation of redheaded beauty!

So, we hope you loved our list as much as we loved putting it together. Not everyone is attracted to the same things, but I think we can all agree that redheads are a singularly attractive rarity among the human race. We’re all the richer for having them in our lives!