These Car Cleaning Tips From Industry Professionals Will Help Your Car Be Cleaner Than Ever



Most of us spend a fair amount of time in our cars. Between commuting to and from work, taking trips and more, we likely spend hours a week in our cars. All this use can lead your car to become dirty and disgusting, and no one wants to spend hours in a disgusting mess. Problem is, finding the time or energy to wash the inside and outside of your car can be difficult with people often being so busy. But no one knows car cleaning like the pros, and here are 12 different little hacks that make car cleaning a breeze, with number 6 being exceptionally useful.


#12 Olive Oil Cleaning


While most of us will use it while cooking, olive oil can actually have a ton of value as a cleaner. It can sometimes be difficult to know what to clean leather seats and upholstery with, but not anymore. Using a little bit of olive oil can keep leather fresh and clean, but just be sure not to use too much and be sure to wipe it dry afterward. The next entry is something else that isn’t normally used for cleaning cars.

#11 Steel Wool


While most of us use steel wool for cleaning our dishes, this versatile little tool has a number of other uses too. One of which is that it can be a big help in cleaning your car. This tough little tool will help rid your car of all the gunk and grime, but be sure not to wipe too hard to scratch the surface.

#10 Toothpaste


Toothpaste isn’t only for your teeth anymore. Toothpaste has been tried and true for a bunch of other uses than just keeping your teeth clean and shiny. When it comes to your vehicle, it can be a great way to make your headlights shine like never before. Simply apply, leave on for a few minutes and then wipe off to reveal amazingly clean lights.

#9 Foam Brush


The primary and most popular use for these little brushes is painting. However, this little brush can also double as a great way to clean tight spaces in a vehicle. In particular, AC vents can get filthy over time, but a few simple swipes of a foam brush can rid these vents of all the dust and dirt that may be inside.

#8 Cleaning The Tops Of The Windows


When most people clean their cars, they do their best to get into every nook and cranny. However, one place that most people forget to clean is the tops of the windows. These are often hidden when our windows are rolled up and thus, get filthy over time by never being cleaned.

#7 Squeegee


While these are normally used for keeping windows clean, they also can help keep your seats clean. If you travel a lot with pets in the car, you know that their hair can get everywhere. A squeegee and water can get rid of that pesky pet hair with ease. A squeegee can also be used if you don’t have the time to vacuum your interior.

#6 Cleaning Little Cracks


A car is full of small and hard to reach little crevices. Over time, these can build up a ton of dirt and grime, but can be tough to clean. However, a great way to keep these crevices clean is to use a flat end screwdriver. By covering the screwdriver with a thin cloth you will ensure that you aren’t scratching the car, but just getting it cleaned.

#5 Keeping Wipers Clean


Windshield wipers are one of those things we often take for granted on our vehicles, but once they stop working, we notice. Slimy and streaky wipers are terrible, especially in inclement weather. Wiping down your wipers with a fair amount of rubbing alcohol and then letting it dry is a great way to get a longer life out of your wipers.

#4 Hair Conditioner


While most people reach for a bottle of car wax to keep their car shiny, why not head for the shower instead? That’s right, hair conditioner can keep your car looking clean and shiny, just like it does for our hair. Just pour some in a towel and work in a circular motion on the car to achieve a wonderful shine. However, make sure the hair conditioner you use contains lanolin.

#3 Keeping Tires and Wheels Clean


There is arguably no part of your car that gets filthier than the wheels and tires. However, there is an easy fix for this problem that can only take minutes. Using a cleaning powder (Clorox or other brand) can really help your wheels and tires look brand new. Sprinkle a bit on a towel, spray some Lysol on it and begin to work it into the wheels until they are shiny as can be.

#2 Q-Tips


When it comes to tackling small and detailed cleaning jobs, Q-Tips are king. While most people use them for their ears or for other small uses throughout the house, they also help when cleaning your car. They are very absorbent and can make detailing a breeze in and out of the car.

#1 Club Soda


Dealing with massive spills on your cloth seats is a horrible experience. If you don’t act fast, it can spell the end of your upholstery. But even the toughest stains can’t stand up to club soda. First, pat dry the stain and then dampen a cloth with club soda and continue to pat until the stain is listed.

Using these 12 tips and hacks, your car will be cleaner than it ever has been before. Most of the hacks on this list are things that you would never had even thought could be useful in cleaning your car. Not only are these tips useful, many of them are extremely quick and easy, so you won’t be wasting a ton of time keeping your car in tip-top shape. These tips will not only help your car maintain its cleanliness over time, but it does so with products that you often have lying all over the house already.