After Buying His House, He Noticed Something Creepy On The Blueprint That The Realtor Didn’t Tell Him About


While most people like to have a look around a place before they buy it, it can be nearly impossible to be as thorough as you may want. There simply isn’t time to root through every nook and cranny of a house that doesn’t belong to you. If you’re as lucky as this man, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find on moving day…

Hidden Figures

Many people may wonder what hidden treasures lie on their property when they move into a new house. Some just hope it isn’t a dead body.

Happy Surprise

Surprises aren’t always negative, however. Whether it be oil in the land or valuable paintings in the attic, new homeowners have been known to find some amazing things.

Getting Acquainted

When, one man purchased a new home, he was excited to become more acquainted with his new abode. He had no idea what was in store for him…

Inspector GadgetLike any responsible homebuyer, the man had paid for a home inspection prior to moving in. However, even a professional can’t catch everything, as he soon would learn.

The Discovery

In poking around his new home, the man found an interesting relic: a sketch of the original plans for his house. He noticed something unusual…

Out Of The Ordinary

With his curiosity stronger than he ever, he scoured the plans for the house. Almost everything appearred to be true-to-life. Everything, that is, except for one thing…

Buried Secrets

On the plan, one thing stood out: a small circle labeledĀ “shelter” in the backyard. However, there was no such shelter… at least as far as he could see.

Proceed With Caution

Not wanting to disturb what may be there, the man carefully scoured his backyard searching for clues. He was unable to find anything on his own.

Call In The Pros

That is when he decided it was time for expert intervention. He called in a metal detector pro, who spent an entire day methodically examining the terrain.

‘X’ Marks The Spot

Much to the homeowner’s surprise, the expert did not come up short. He marked not only one, but two spots he found that may contain hidden treasures.

Highly Suspect

Naturally, the man began to get excited about what may be hidden in his backyard. He had no way of knowing whether it was junk or a dream in the making.

Breaking Ground

With no more speculating left to do, it was finally time to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. The man got his shovel ready.

The Search Begins

He made sure to keep his hopes in check, imagining that he would only find an old time capsule at the end of his search.

Digging Deep

Nevertheless, he kept digging away. Having already invested so much in his search, he never let himself become discouraged. Day and night, he carried on.

Striking Gold

It wasn’t long until his hard work and determination drew a somewhat-perplexing reward. He felt his shovel hit metal and quickly rushed to uncover his discovery.

The Mystery Continues

As he continued dusting off his discovery, he began to figure out what it was. It was large, metal, and appeared to be disk-shaped…

Far From Over

If anything, it appeared to be some kind of a lid. A lid to what, however, remained unanswered. With this in mind, he carried on.

Obstacles On Obstacles

There was one problem, however; the lid was incredibly heavy. He had to dig all around it to even lift it up, let alone examine it closely.

Getting Creative

With the help of a creative rope-and-pulley rig (as well as some thorough digging), he was finally able to peel the lid up from the ground.

A Secret Lair

What he uncovered, he could hardly believe. There was anĀ intricate pile of metal objects, including blades, poles, and even what appeared to be a staircase…

Eerie Remains

Everything was rusted over, though nothing appeared to be broken. It was an elaborate underground cave, stockpiled with unfamiliar items that begged to be explored.

A Careful Process

He had to be very careful moving forward. Very gingerly, he made sure to clear enough dirt from the surrounding area to ensure his own safety.

Not Just A Precaution

However, this wasn’t solely for security purposes. Thanks to the clearing, he was able to fully remove the lid, allowing him to crawl all the way inside the hidden bunker.

The Moment Of Truth

Once the path was cleared, he very cautiously proceeded down the staircase. Both nervous and hopeful, he had no idea what to expect from his discovery.

Piecing The Evidence Together

After exploring the container and combining his own observations with the blueprint, he concluded that it was likely initially meant to be some kind of bomb shelter.

Something’s Not Right Here

However, the blueprints didn’t entirely portray the staircase and entryway accurately. It was for this reason that the shelter had remained hidden for so long.

Not Just Any Old Shelter

This wasn’t just any bomb shelter; it included a high-tech ventilation system and even a backup manual-crank fan. Someone had planned for a long stay.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Nearing the last step, he enlisted the help of his friends in clearing out the last little bits of rubble from the otherwise stunningly well-preserved shelter.

Renovation Station

The group didn’t stop there. Instead, they reinforced it, poured new concrete, and even wired up electricity throughout the now tricked-out hidden shelter.

A Valuable Asset

Having bought the house with no knowledge of the bunker, he now had a beautiful, secure underground room all to his own. Talk about a value-adding asset!