One Tiny Pup Shocked Its Owners With An Unreal Transformation


Have you ever witnessed something different about your dog over time? It could be the change in color of their fur or eyes or the overall thickness of their coat. For one couple, their dog made an evolution that left everyone in the neighborhood completely stunned.

First, let’s give some insight on the happy pair, shall we?

Hair Of The Dog

Hailing from Gainsborough, England, Sue and Robert Markham lived a normal life. At one point, Sue used to spend her time working at a dog kennel.

Smarter Than The Average Bear

During her time at the kennel, Sue ran into a dog named Yogi Bear. She instantly knew that she wanted to bring the dog home.

It’s not really hard to understand why she was enamored with the animal.

A Petite Pup

Weighing only one pound, Yogi Bear was one of the smallest dogs in the kennel. Like most dogs, he wasn’t meant to stay that way forever.

Let The Big Dog Eat

Bear is a Boston Great Dane, which are mainly known for their huge size. The largest one in existence was named Zeus, who was 44 inches tall.

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window

Sue increased her workflow at the shelter in order to purchase the pup. While she was finally happy, her husband Robert had no clue about the new animal.

Sue decided to fool her man.

Little White Lie

Robert wasn’t a fan of having big animals in the house. When sue brought the dog home, she told him it was a Jack Russell.

Tossed Salads And Scrambled Eggs

As a petite terrier, a Jack Russell is mainly around 15 inches. Some of the most popular ones are Eddie on Fraiser and Wishbone from the PBS show of the same name.

Bear slowly became a bit too much to handle.

An Astonishing Growth

Over the months, Bear started growing rapidly. By the time he reached five months old, he became massive. He was almost as big as a regular Jack Russell he’d run into on a typical stroll in the park.

Coming Clean

With his growth taking notice, it was hard to hide Bear’s breed for much longer. Sue decided to sit Robert down and tell him the truth.

What happened next was surprising.

Still In Love

As expected, Robert was bit upset with his wife lying this whole time. Over time, he grew very attached to Bear, and news about his true breed didn’t change his affection.

Not Going Anywhere

Sue originally thought Robert wanted Bear out of the house. His change of heart was completely out of nowhere. They decided to keep Bear.

The dog became a big part of their lives in more ways than one.

Walking The Dog

In the course of nine years, Bear grew in size to around 210 pounds. As one would expect, the dog was a big fan of eating.

What’s For Breakfast

How much food does Bear need to eat every month? Sue and Robert have to dish out $257 for food. Much like a human, the dog was in heaven with sausages and eggs for breakfast.

Sitting On My Sofa

Aside from his weight, Bear has also grown to six feet and 10 inches. Because of his size, everything was bigger. Instead of a typical dog bed, he slept on the sofa.

Bear takes up after his owners.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

From his breakfast to his time on the sofa, Bear has almost become like a human being. He even watches the TV with the family.

Stray Cat Strut

One day, a stray cat decided to find its way into the Markham’s yard. It continued visiting the house for several months.

Nobody would’ve guessed what Bear did to the feline.

Making A Friend

Bear decided to become friends with the cat, who was named Toffee. The cat still visits the house to hang out with their puppy pal.

Friend Goals

Whenever they hang out, Sue and Robert are simply amazed at their chemistry. At certain times, Bear will lick Toffee on the head as a sign of love.

Toffee’s not the only one who loves Bear.

Everyone’s Favorite

Throughout the years, Bear has given Sue and Robert a plethora of memories. Many people in the neighborhood have grown to adore this massive animal.

Huge Dog, Huge Heart

While Bear may look like an aggressive dog, he really has a heart of gold. Everyone that meets him can feel how much of a jewel he truly is to the Markhams.