Why You Should NEVER Step On A Centipede… Even in Your Home

Centipedes are renowned for being scary-looking, causing many people to instantly grab the nearest bug-killing spray or simply squash them as quickly as possible.

But whilst centipedes may look freaky with their countless legs and unusually long bodies, there’s plenty of key things you need to know – guaranteed to make you think twice about squashing them again.

They Can Move… Without A Backbone

As humans, we rely on our backbone constantly without even realizing it. Without it, we simply couldn’t move. But one characteristic that makes centipedes so unique and remarkable, is they simply don’t have one!

There’s Thousands Of Them…

Whilst some are more commonly found in homes than others, there are actually thousands of centipede species out there – making them far more versatile, varied and interesting than us.

A Body Illusion

What’s more, their body is specifically designed to be complex to predators. With their antennae often stretching much further than their body length, centipedes frequently appear far longer than they actually are. Not to mention the purpose of their many legs…