She Found This Pitbull Tied To A Bench. When She Looked Into Its Eyes, She Made A Terrible Discovery

Pitbulls often get a bad rap, but they’re just as loyal, friendly and cuddly as any other dog … even after surviving the most horrific abuses.

What happened to the pitbull in our story simply defies explanation, and the truly tragic part is that her rescuers discovered that all she ever wanted was love. Would she survive her injuries to get it?

Take The Bench

One a sunny day, one lady was strolling in the park when she noticed something off. On a bench, she witnessed a pitbull being strapped to the seat.

Hard Times

The pitbull’s name was Poly, and it was struggling to get by without a home.

Before this incident, Poly’s had an amazing life.

Used And Abused

The pitbull was once living with its previous owner. One day, the person drove Poly to the park and simply left her there to survive.

Luckily, she managed to get out of her situation.