She Found This Pitbull Tied To A Bench. When She Looked Into Its Eyes, She Made A Terrible Discovery


Pitbulls often get a bad rap, but they’re just as loyal, friendly and cuddly as any other dog … even after surviving the most horrific abuses.

What happened to the pitbull in our story simply defies explanation, and the truly tragic part is that her rescuers discovered that all she ever wanted was love. Would she survive her injuries to get it?

Take The Bench

One a sunny day, one lady was strolling in the park when she noticed something off. On a bench, she witnessed a pitbull being strapped to the seat.

Hard Times

The pitbull’s name was Poly, and it was struggling to get by without a home.

Before this incident, Poly’s had an amazing life.

Used And Abused

The pitbull was once living with its previous owner. One day, the person drove Poly to the park and simply left her there to survive.

Luckily, she managed to get out of her situation.

To The Rescue

The Santa Barbara County Animal Services were called into action. The warden arrived to see the dog strapped to the bench before setting her free.

Face The Truth

While the warden was removing the straps from Poly, they made some shocking discoveries.

Poly’s situation was simply astonishing when the truth came out.

Running Blind

It was discovered that Poly was blind. Over 300,000 dogs in the United States suffer from either partial or full blindness. A pitbull like Poly can easily go blind from genetics.

The discoveries only got worse.

Forced Into Labor

It was also discovered that Poly gave birth prior to being chained up. The warden determined that her previous owner discarded her after she delivered a few puppies.

A Brand New Life

The warden knew that Poly deserved better and decided to take the dog to the pound.

One person, however, decided to step in before anything else can happen.

Reaching Out

Jennifer Wales is the co-founder of Foreverhome Pet Rescue in Porter Ranch, California. The pet rescue has been one of the biggest in the Los Angeles region.

A Fond Memory

Wales quickly contacted the dog pound in order to rescue Poly. The dog reminded her of another blind dog that she rescued several years ago.

The Ride Home

After finally getting custody of Poly, Wales brought the dog home with her. Before the ride, she treated the animal to a cheeseburger.

Some more discoveries about Poly were made in the following weeks.

Another Checkup

Wales brought Poly to a doctor to see if there were more complications. The doctor found that the pitbull had a heart condition and a skin disorder.

Come Together

Poly’s condition was life-threatening, so she needed surgery to prevent it from hindering her. Luckily, fans of her Facebook page joined forces to help cover the expenses.

A Massive Fundraiser

At the end of the campaign, hundreds of fans helped raise over $3,000. ForeverHome Pet Rescue were gracious, and decided to keep donations open to help other animals under their care.

Different Day, Different Outfit

Until being with Wales, Poly had an undiscovered love for outfits. Wales has dressed up the pitbull in different outfits and shared them on her fan page.

Unfortunately, some devastating news was waiting around the corner.

Untreatable Condition

The doctors told Wales that they wouldn’t be able to fix Poly’s heart condition. As a result, Poly would one day pass away much earlier than expected.

Distraught Owner

As expected, Wales was heartbroken at the news. The simple fact that Poly was forced to breed and left to die just to have this happen was unfair.

Love And Care

After all of the anger settled, Wales decided to simply give Poly all of the attention. There’s no telling when the pitbull will leave this earth, so it’s best to give it the best moments.

Unfortunately, she had to say goodbye.

One Last Breath

In April 2016, Poly quietly passed away from ongoing heart complications. Every person that worked at Foreverhome Pet Rescue was absolutely devastated by the news.

Spirit Still Lives

While Poly is no longer around, Foreverhome Pet Rescue still feels her presence in everything they do. They hope to save even more animals from disastrous situations.