This Animal Cruelty Case Looked Like Bug Bites At First, But Quickly Took A Sickening Turn…

Pet parents know what it’s like to protect our creatures against sickness and pain. Checking for fleas and ticks, monitoring their bathroom habits, and veterinarian trips for vaccinations and exams are all a part of keeping your furry friends as healthy as possible.

But as one mother would find out, this case had anything but an innocent explanation. The truth was unbelievably cruel, and shook her faith.

Be warned: These photos are heartbreaking and show very graphic content.

An Indiana Family

24-year-old Hayden Howard lives in Indiana with her son Noah and their English Mastiff, Jackson. In the spring of 2017, Hayden discovered that Jackson was covered in puncture marks.

Injuries From A Fight?

Jackson spent part of his days in the family’s enclosed backyard, so it wasn’t likely that he’d suffered injuries from an encounter with another animal.

Covered In Bug Bites

“He had some marks on him, and we thought they were bug bites,” Hayden recalls. The 100-pound dog was covered in small bumps and sores that didn’t seem to be causing him pain.