Take A Peek Inside Air Force One, The Presidential Jumbo Jet That’s Full Of Secrets

While presidential planes have been around since the 1900s, they’ve undergone many changes in the century since. Today’s Air Force One is built with technologies that early pilots and passengers couldn’t have ever imagined.

How much do you know about this famous United States symbol?

Let’s peek inside…

Flying High And Fast

Boeing 747s are capable of cruising at over 650 miles per hour, though people say that the planes could likely top out at 700 miles per hour—nearly supersonic speeds.

Several Houses Large

Air Force One could very well be larger than your childhood home. Measuring in at 4,000 square feet, the Boeing VC-25 airliners are gigantic.

The Flying White House

All of that room is devoted to two main decks and a cargo area, just like a regular Boeing 747. The floor space was reconfigured for presidential duties, though. It’s nothing like a standard passenger aircraft.