These Rare Historic Photos Prove The ‘Good Old Days’ Were Absolutely Insane

Ah, the good old days. When the TVs were humongous, car seats were optional, you could get a burger and fries for less than a dollar, and keep a lion for a pet.

Wait, what?

Join us as we take a look at some incredible pictures that prove that maybe the good old days were just as crazy as things are today.

Entertainment Of The Future

In the 1960’s it seemed like everyone was obsessed with all things futuristic. The more modern it looked, the better. For some reason, though, this portable television concept never seemed to catch on.

Before YouTube

If you thought that YouTube was responsible for the birth of daredevil stunts, this picture from the 1920’s will make you think again. No Photoshop – that dude is really 20 stories up, balancing on the back legs of a chair.

That’s Not A Dog

Charles Hipp adopted Blondie as a docile 12-week old lion cub from a Dallas zoo in 1955. Blondie soon became a cherished family pet and a familiar sight in Graham, Texas where they lived. She lived without incident with the family until she died of old age in 1968.