North Korea Doesn’t Want You To See These Photos


It’s no secret that North Korea’s government has a bit of a contentious relationship with the outer world. Few are allowed in and fewer are allowed out. Now, just exactly what kind of military power they are packing remains under wraps. Can they back up their dramatic threats?

Tinker Tanks

Luckily for the rest of us, what North Korea has in attitude, they cannot match in tank power. In land-based battles, they would surely be smoked.

Imagine All The People

Though the nation is small, they boast an army of over one million active soldiers and several more in reserve. You might be familiar with their highly-coordinated marches.

Their Own Biggest Fan

North Korea is a notorious source of self-obsessed propaganda. Pictures of their leader (as well as their massive military) seem to line every street.

Communism Kills

The weapons carried by these one million active North Korean soldiers have been said to strongly resemble those that were used in Soviet Union-era Russia.

Flexin’ On Their Ex

One factor which motivates these flamboyant displays is North Korea’s high-stakes, tense relationship with South Korea. They particularly like flexing their self-propelled Koksan Guns.

High-Powered Jets

One often-cited example of North Korea’s military power is the MiG-29 aircraft. However, its power is not an accurate representation of the strength of their entire air force.


Like their air force, North Korea is not known for having a powerful navy. It is one of the smallest branches in their entire military.

Rocket Man

North Korea’s famous rockets are certainly a sight to behold. The 240mm rocket launcher even has the ability to reach South Korea’s capital.

Under The Sea

Though little is known about the specifics of North┬áKorea’s submarine fleet, their record is intimidating. In 2010, 46 South Korean crew members were killed when a sub sank their ship.

Hwasong Horror

Hwasong, the name of a North Korean labor camp, just so happens to also be the title for a line of missiles, including the Hwasong-6, the Hwasong-10, and the Hwasong-12.

Rockets On Rockets

North Korea’s expendable carrier rocket is a tool which often keeps rival governments on edge. It has the same delivery system as a ballistic missile.

Heavy Duty

North Korea is not known to have the biggest tanks, but what they lack in size, they make up for in style. Many are heavily-armored and heavily-equipped.

Advanced Technology

While a bit old now, North Korea boasts a fleet of tanks that were highly advanced for their time. Despite their age, they remain valuable to their military.

Silent But Deadly

North Korea’s intense approach to handling enemies doesn’t just come in the form of guns and tanks. They have also threatened biological warfare.

Lights, Camera, Action

Every single aspect of North Korea’s military parades is choreographed, from their marching patterns to the lights. They may be serious in attitude, but they take style seriously as well.

Girl Power

Despite having pretty old-school authoritarian stances, there is one measure by which North Korea’s military is quite inclusive: just as many women serve as men.

Fatal Mistakes

In 2015, North Korea’s defense chief made the mistake of nodding off during a military event. His punishment? Kim Jong Un had him executed.

Soviet Brotherhood

It’s no coincidence that so much of North Korea’s military gear resembles the Soviet Union. Prior to the Koren War, Joseph Stalin equipped their army.

Dark Drones

In June 2017, North Korea allegedly sent drones to spy on a U.S. battery in South Korea. The mysterious device was found in a forest near the border.

Drill Baby Drill

In North Korea, it seems as though active servicemen are drilled constantly. Whether they are actually preparing for battle or simply flexing their military muscles is still up in the air.