Minister Blocks Old Man’s Driveway For No Reason. See What Finally Made Him Move


You would expect your 80th birthday to be a special occasion. A birthday party, a few gifts, a family get together… but a wall being built in your driveway? Well, let’s just say that was not on Oliver Lynch’s birthday wish list.

In a story straight out of a Coen Brothers’ movie, Lynch had to combat his oddly territorial minister neighbor to save what is rightfully his: his driveway.

A Random Invasion

When a new neighbor began bulldozing over Lynch’s driveway, he was beyond confused. Did this person not understand property boundaries? Were they mentally all there?

A Lifelong Neighbor

It was 2015 and Lynch had been living in his secluded neighborhood in Osceola County, Florida for 25 years.

This would normally give you some respect in the neighborhood – but this new neighbor had something else in mind.

A Little Fight Left

When he first saw the construction, Lynch immediately took action.

“I just hate to be bullied,” he told his local news station. “I have a little fight left in me, and I hate to see somebody bulldoze over me.”

A Civil Man

Before engaging in any court room drama, Lynch decided to solve things civilly. He spoke to the neighbor as the construction was in its early stages, and quickly learned that they would become neighborly enemies.

The Pettiest Play

After speaking to his neighbor, Lynch found that the man had invaded his driveway. The neighbor put a row of cinder blocks right in the middle, claiming the land was rightfully his.

Doubling Down

The neighbor took this petty assault to a more permanent level. He cemented the blocks down, making it nearly impossible for Lynch to move them on his own.

This meant Lynch would have to go to court.

Utter Confusion

This unnecessary and uncalled for annexation confused Lynch to no end. “What’s he going to do with these extra few yards of concrete?” Lynch wondered.

Illegal Beyond Belief

Lynch was quick to provide paperwork proving the land beneath his driveway legally belonged to him. In any other case, this would be enough, but not for this psychotic neighbor.

The Worst Answer

When presenting the county his papers, Lynch was given the worst answer imaginable: “there’s nothing we can do.” He either had to hire a surveyor or take this battle to court.

Trying To Negotiate

However, still looking to solve this dispute through less legal means, Lynch talked to his neighbor directly on several occasions.

Each time they talked, Lynch lost more and more hope. This neighbor was a gigantic bully.

A Man Of The Cloth?

The neighbor’s actions perplexed Lynch, especially considering that the man was a minister.

“He said he was a minister or something like that,” Lynch said. “[A] God-fearing man. But I don’t think that’s very Christian-like.”

Out Of Options

Lynch was out of options. Helpless, he talked to the county once more in the hopes they would see his side.

He knew court would be a long process in reclaiming his driveway and wanted to avoid it at all costs.

Turning To The Public

With nowhere else to turn, Lynch reached out to the public. He contacted his local news station and they did an investigation into the matter.

Surprisingly, this is where everything changed in Lynch’s favor.

Not Christian-Like

Lynch’s supporters began coming in droves.

“This is not Christian-like at all,” one reader said of the neighbor’s behavior. “You’re destroying what could have possibly been a great neighbor over a meaningless few feet of land.”

A Giant Bully

“Way to make an impression on the neighbors,” another supporter stated.

“My thinking is that if this didn’t come up before you purchased the property, you are indeed being a bully to the elderly neighbor whose driveway was there before you.”

Second Time’s The Charm

Yet, despite this overflow of support, the wall in Lynch’s driveway remained.

That’s when he contacted his local news station a second time to even better results.

Finally, An Agreement

Faced with so much public scrutiny, the neighbor caved: he agreed to give Lynch his land back.

The two spoke in private and decided to put their past behind them. This was music to Lynch’s ears.

A Big Misunderstanding?

The neighbor even told Lynch that this was all a big misunderstanding. He claimed that he didn’t know this bothered Lynch – which seems like a bold faced lie, but Lynch accepted it if it meant getting his driveway back.

Moving Forward

Despite their physical divide, Lynch and his neighbor have moved on from their past quarrel. Lynch still does not know what provoked the conflict, but is glad the hatchet is buried.

Facebook Took The Obvious Side

After learning of the happy ending, Facebook rejoiced.

“Happy things work out for this elderly man,” one Facebook user wrote. “He said he doesn’t have much fight left in him. So I’m happy the neighbor let him have his whole driveway back. Praying this issue is finally resolved so this man can live his life in peace.”