Minister Blocks Old Man’s Driveway For No Reason. See What Finally Made Him Move

You would expect your 80th birthday to be a special occasion. A birthday party, a few gifts, a family get together… but a wall being built in your driveway? Well, let’s just say that was not on Oliver Lynch’s birthday wish list.

In a story straight out of a Coen Brothers’ movie, Lynch had to combat his oddly territorial minister neighbor to save what is rightfully his: his driveway.

A Random Invasion

When a new neighbor began bulldozing over Lynch’s driveway, he was beyond confused. Did this person not understand property boundaries? Were they mentally all there?

A Lifelong Neighbor

It was 2015 and Lynch had been living in his secluded neighborhood in Osceola County, Florida for 25 years.

This would normally give you some respect in the neighborhood – but this new neighbor had something else in mind.

A Little Fight Left

When he first saw the construction, Lynch immediately took action.

“I just hate to be bullied,” he told his local news station. “I have a little fight left in me, and I hate to see somebody bulldoze over me.”