The Most Expensive Divorce Settlements In Hollywood History

It’s no secret that Hollywood marriages don’t tend to last long. From the perspective of your average citizen, it’s impossible to imagine the strains that constantly being in the public eye can put on a marriage.

It’s no wonder that these costly couples couldn’t make it work, but OH MY GOD, are these divorces expensive.

Steve & Elaine Wynn

Poor Steve Wynn just can’t seem to get it right. In 2010, the billionaire split from his on-again, off-again wife with a $741 million settlement.

Paul McCartney & Heather Mills

Turns out, love isn’t all you need. A good lawyer helps.

After a famously contentious separation process, Heather Mills bailed on the Beatle and took a $48.3 million check with her.

Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphey

Fans were devastated to learn that the 25-year marriage between Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphy would be coming to an end. After a $150 million, he later said “she’s worth every penny.”